Veewd app

Everything You Need as A Researcher. To Start Sharing Your Upcoming Presentation.

Why Is It Special

User Profile

Veewd app has a section where Research can create their profile and biosketch.

Saving Favorites

Veewd app gives researchers ability to favorite posters which will be available and easy to access later.

Presentation Schedules

Veewd app gives researcher the ability to set presentation date and time.

Our Best Propositions for Researcher!

Veewd App give researchers ability to share their upcoming event of their congress presentation where their work has been accepted. The app has the ability to share the image of the presenter at poster session and the e-poster in a pdf version.

Awesome Features

Network of Friends

Veewd app gives researcher to follow and un-follow friends. Thus, the researchers you follow will be able to see your work and vice-verse.

Sharing of Posters

The app gives the researchers the ability to share their poster presentation via instagram, email, whatsapp.


Veewd has the ability to let researcher create new forum topics and invite fellow researchers for discussion.

App Screenshots